The PUB St GERMAIN stays open all summer !


"Every street, every stone
Seemed to be ours alone
We were alone on earth
In Paris in August...


As the capital empties and a feeling of holiday and lightness invades the Parisian streets, the PUB St GERMAIN remains open all summer - even on August 15th!

Paris has a special flavour at this time of year and, for the happy few who understand the advantages of enjoying the capital without the Parisians, come and (re)discover our emblematic establishment in the history of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.


Paris is officially deserted and you are looking for a place to go out this summer?


Throughout August, the capital lives at a different pace. It is the ideal time to stroll around, visit Paris with fresh eyes and marvel at the attractions of the most beautiful city in the world.


So go along the Louvre, cross the Pont des Arts, go up the rue Mazarine, and there you are:

For a drink, lunch or dinner or even to set the dance-floor alight, the PUB St GERMAIN can cater to all your desires

Our large hidden terrace located in the historical passage of the Cour du Commerce St-André - a high place of the French Revolution - allows you to savour the sweetness of the time while ordering a second coffee ... or go straight to the aperitif and enjoy the Happy Hour (from Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm) with one of our signature cocktails; for beer lovers, no less than 20 references on draught or in bottle


The evening goes on and you don't know where to dine in Paris in summer?


The menu of our chef, Jérémy Pereira, will awaken your taste buds: great classics of French gastronomy reinvented and sublimated for the pleasure of your palate and your eyes.

A salmon, avocado and citrus tartar that has already gained a cult following, melting poultry cooked at low temperature, home-made burgers where every ingredient is sourced and then cooked with care and love by our brigade: you are spoilt for choice.

For the "Night owls" who want to enjoy the DJ SET and the dance-floor, the kitchen will be open until 4.30 am every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Don't miss our perfectly cooked T-bone, sliced right at your table, and served with your choice of homemade side dishes.

For a sweet touch, chocolate fondant or cheese cake: irresistible!



Our timetable:


Open 7 days a week

Sunday to Wednesday from 12:00 to 2:00

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 - 6:00

Catering until 4.30 am


Happy hour from 5pm to 8pm (Monday to Friday)


All day service at weekends


Open all August / Open on August 15th

Pour tous renseignement,
merci de contacter


Open every day

Sunday-Thursday : 12 pm to 4am

Friday & Saturday : 12pm to 5am


Monday to Friday :

Happy Hour 5pm-8pm


All day service

DJ SET from Wednesday until Saturday 

+ 33 (0) 1 56 81 13 13


17, rue de l’ancienne Comédie, Paris 6e
      Odéon, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Mabillon

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