The weekend is over... Feeling a bit blue?

A new week is about to start.  And you can stand by us to make its evenings merry!

Pub Saint Germain is open in Paris till the end of the weekend and the night

In the meantime, the Night Grill is open all nights and feed night owls looking for a pizza in St Germain and Odeon, a piece of grilled meat or a burger. Enjoy!

You worked during the weekend and you too want to have a good time?

We're here for you too: soak in our pub atmosphere, the good mood of our host, dance to the music!

Tomorrow we'll be waiting for you from 11 am: start with a hot drink or whatever strikes your fancy. Stay with us at lunch time, enjoy our tasty dishes. If the sun is shining, have lunch on one of the terraces.

Explore Pub St Germain and its various rooms: the serene Green Room. The Parrot Club and... the shadow of its late chatty parrots! Our terraces will welcome you for a meal or a drink, in places that once made the histoiry of Paris. The Pool Room, its speakeasy atmosphere and its pool table.

Our sommeliers and bartenders are busy at the wine bar and the Cocktail Bar to make you sample their last finds. Stand by them to make this week exceptional!

See you later... 


« A big focus is put on the sourcing of our meats with all of our beef originating from a family-run farm in Aisne that I handpicked myself »Nicolas head chef

Open every day

Sunday-Thursday : 12 pm to 4am

Friday & Saturday : 12pm to 5am


Monday to Friday :

Happy Hour 5pm-8pm


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DJ SET from Wednesday until Saturday 

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17, rue de l’ancienne Comédie, Paris 6e
      Odéon, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Mabillon

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