Finding a restaurant opened all night in Paris? All Parisian night owls will tell you it's impossible... 

But you partied until now, and you're hungry. All restaurants are closed. It's too early for breakfast, of course it's too last for dinner, and supper is outdated... No way you're going to bed on an empty stomach, or empty your fridge.

The solution is...

The Night Grill is opened all night!

Whether you're a tourist disturbed by this strange absence of restaurants opened after 10 pm in the heart of the City of Lights, or a jaded Parisian convinced that nothing ever changes: the solution to this nightly hunger problem is the Pub Saint Germain Night Grill! Don't look any further, in the middle of an iconic Paris, this is the best parisian restaurant open all night...

At Pub Saint-Germain, we love party food, and all partygoers among you can dine all night. The "Night Grill" is where all nightbirds looking for a last snack or a meal when the city sleeps: it's opened all night and every night! You can eat our grilled Salers meats, our burgers and pies "like at home". Our homemade pizzas are baked in front of you and will fill all stomachs. Reload your energy, perhaps the night is not over yet...

After all, it feels good here, dawn is still a distant thought, and you don't want to go home? You picked the right place! The dancefloor is waiting for your, so are our bartenders, there's plenty of music and people. So let's push the tables and let the party begin!

« A big focus is put on the sourcing of our meats with all of our beef originating from a family-run farm in Aisne that I handpicked myself »Nicolas, Head chef

Open every day

Sunday-Thursday : 12 pm to 4am

Friday & Saturday : 12pm to 5am


Monday to Friday :

Happy Hour 5pm-8pm


All day service

DJ SET from Wednesday until Saturday 

+ 33 (0) 1 56 81 13 13


17, rue de l’ancienne Comédie, Paris 6e
      Odéon, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Mabillon

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