Happy Hour and afterwork in a Parisian alleyway at Pub St-Germain's Terrace

The Terrace is located on the Cour du Commerce Saint André, in Paris' oldest alleyway, linking the boulevard Saint-Germain to the Rue Saint-André-des-Arts

An historic alleyway

Let yourself be charmed by the charm of this place steeped in history!

The passage is placed over the pits of the Philippe Auguste enclosure which set the limits the City of Paris. Nowadays, we can still see ruins of this historical fortification.

At number 20 in the Cour du Commerce St André, Danton lived for five years before his arrest.

A few doors down, another major figure of the Revolution, Marat, had installed a printing press for his political newspaper L’Ami du Peuple. A bell, still visible today above the roof of the café, was tolled to indicate that the newspaper was ready. We can easily imagine the protesting power that emerged from this small courtyard in the 6th arrondissement ...

The facades, the roofs, the three entrances and the glass roof are also listed as historic monuments.

This is a pedestrian alleyway, fully paved with old cobblestones, giving it a timeless, very Parisian feel.

Perfect for Happy Hours

The Terrace, furnished with large tables and benches, is the ideal place to sit outdoors, nibble and have a drink, under the heater in winter and the sun in summer, with a plate to share or tapas.

Come and settle in for a Happy Hour from 5 pm, from Monday to Friday, or for an afterwork, which is likely to continue on the dance floor or in the Cocktail Bar until the end of the night.

At Pub St Germain, the diversity of our rooms and their atmosphere allow you to move from one to another throughout the evening. We mix genres, atmospheres, people. Let the party begin!

« Having a drink in the Cour du Commerce Saint André is like taking part in the history of Paris »Linda

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