Mixology, tapas and show cooking : drink and eat at the Cocktail Bar

If you climb to the first floor, you will immediately fall under the charm of this lounge with the allure of a clandestine bar from the Roaring Twenties.

Sit at the bar or in the lounge, and allow us to offer you our classic or signature cocktails with bold, languid, sweet, and arrogant flavors! Check out our menu of exquisite beverages; the most challenging part will be choosing! Our bartenders are there to guide you.

"And for the hungry stomachs?" you may ask!

Head to the Night Grill, our open kitchen where you can witness show cooking and indulge in delicious tastings. Grilled meats, generous and perfectly mastered, or shareable tapas. Here, we toast, nibble, devour, brunch, follow sports competitions, and dance.

(On this floor, you will find a genuine and well-decorated Smoking Room, naturally equipped with a powerful smoke extractor that prevents olfactory discomfort. It is, of course, here that tongues loosen, and ice is broken by sharing a moment of exchange and conviviality. And because missing a decisive goal is out of the question, the Smoking Room, like all the rooms in the Pub, is equipped with a large screen.)

« A well-mixed cocktail and some tapas: the evening can start! »Geb

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